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Expert percussive drilling and sampling

 The Wednesbury & Walsall Drill Core team specialise in providing comprehensive percussive drilling for complex and technical work across the West Midlands. With percussive drilling equipment ideal for hard soil, rubble, stonework, concrete, road decks and slab holes, our team ensures that your drilling needs are met to a high standard. Our techniques are also ideal for research work on soil pollution, classification and other industrial and commercial applications. We provide reliable percussive drilling and sampling services for clients across the West Midlands and the wider UK.

Percussion gouges and diamond sawing

To ensure that the best results are obtained, we prepare areas with a diamond saw when necessary. The most appropriate percussion gouge is then selected according to the requirements of the project. By utilising percussion gouges and diamond sawing as preparation, we minimise any disruption to surrounding brickwork, concrete or soil.

Sampling services

Our percussive drilling services can also be used to take precise samples from soil or building materials. We’re able to rigorously analyse the samples for use in future construction work or similar process. Percussive drilling sampling is simple, cost effective and has little negative impact on the surrounding areas.

Air drilling

Air drilling is ideal for projects where faster rates of penetration are required. With air hammers used for high frequency and impact work, the rotary motion employed generates exceptional drilling efficiency. Our air drilling services are ideal for deeper drilling projects with strict time constraints.
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