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At Drill Core, we provide comprehensive core, concrete and diamond drilling services to clients across Wednesbury, Walsall and the West Midlands. We specialise in providing bespoke drilling solutions, ensuring the integrity and quality of your structure is upheld throughout your drilling process. Utilising the latest drilling technologies, our West Midlands team apply expert methods and techniques to each and every project. We’re your professionals for bespoke core, concrete and diamond drilling solutions.


Diamond drilling is the most effective method of forming holes and openings in a range of tough building materials, including heavy reinforced concrete, brick, block work, natural stone and terrazzo tiles. Our diamond drilling team create horizontal, vertical, angled and inverted holes from 100mm up to 1000mm in diameter. We provide quality core and concrete drilling services in any environment, from construction sites and new builds to supermarkets and hospitals. Where appropriate, we utilise stitch drilling, allowing us to form large and unusual hole shapes by overlapping holes.


Diamond drilling is a simple drilling alternative offering smooth edges and outstanding accuracy. 
Benefits include: 

• Clean and tidy work area with little reinstatement dry drilling - vacuum attachment for dust-free work 
• Vibration free with low noise levels
• Lightweight electric and hydraulic machines
• Automatic feed lightweight drilling machines
• Effective service hole creation
• Wet drilling with full vacuum containment facility
• Ideal for confined or finished areas
• Non-percussion method to avoid structural integrity problems 


Before making any concrete, core or diamond drilling recommendations we ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of your flooring and surfaces. As part of our drilling services, we take a sample of your flooring for strength and chemical resistance testing. On the basis of our findings, our Wednesbury & Walsall team give you relevant advice on recommended work for your situation.
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