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Controlled demolition precision and expertise

We specialise in providing expert controlled demolition services to commercial and industrial clients across the West Midlands. We’ve helped numerous organisations clear buildings which have served their purpose, from simple work on bungalows through to multiple storey buildings. Our controlled demolition expertise allows us to deliver quality results with minimal complications. We undertake a thorough site survey before any work begins, ensuring your site and your project is safe and controlled. For controlled demolition expertise in West Midlands choose Drill Core.

Manual structure demolition

Our team has a range of specialised equipment, including high reach excavators and wrecking balls, ideal for manual demolition work. After your manual demolition is complete, we ensure that your premises are disposed of efficiently and effectively. We also ensure that dust is controlled to protect the health and safety of others in the area.

Demolition preparation work

The most important aspect of any demolition is thorough and comprehensive preparation. We ensure that the correct machinery is appointed to your demolition while anticipating and evaluating risks and consequences. We’re able to supply loaders and bulldozers for after your demolition.

Working with local authorities

Under the Building Act 1984, any demolition work over 50 cubic metres must be conducted with the cooperation of the relevant local authority. Our excellent relationships with councils across the West Midlands region ensures that your demolition is a smooth and seamless process. We also conduct joint site visits with councils to ensure that all precautions are in place.
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