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Low noise and dust free hand held concrete crushing

Looking for quality hand held concrete crunching in the United Kingdom? The team at Drill Core in Wednesbury & Walsall has you covered. We provide a range of quality services, including concrete crunching and hydraulic bursting, ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Our machinery and methods are high quality, low noise, dust free and effective in getting the job done. Let our team provide expert solutions with our concrete bursting systems across the United Kingdom.

Understanding concrete crunching

Hydraulic hand concrete crunching practices are ideal for use in restricted areas, where access for large plant-operated machines is limited. This method removes floors, walls and staircases with little vibration and dust. Concrete crunching allows for a quick and silent process suitable for all materials including concrete, brick, block and granite. It’s lightweight equipment and ease of use makes it great for easy access and hassle free usage.

The benefits of concrete crunching

Hydraulic hand concrete crunching boasts a range of benefits for commercial and industrial projects of all sizes. As a non-percussive method, it’s vibration free and avoids impacting nearby structures and objects. The large crunching capacity of our electric operated machines makes them ideal for small to large scale works. With low noise levels and dust free crunching, hydraulic hand concrete crunching is a simple yet effective solution.


Hydraulic bursting is a fast and effective way to remove reinforced or mass concrete, brick, granite and stone structures. It’s often used to remove concrete bases, concrete brick walls and granite walls. Our quality hydraulic concrete bursting equipment is ideal for use if a variety of spaces, including in confined areas. Hydraulic burster heads are positioned into pre-drilled holes and switched on, able to burst structures up to 5 metres thick.

The benefits of hydraulic bursting

Hydraulic bursting allows you to get deeper into the structure. With a bursting power ratio of 1000 tons, you can obtain results quickly. Our machines are electric and petrol and are easy to use in confined spaces and sensitive areas. Hydraulic bursting is a non-percussive method with low noise and also provides a dust free solution.
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